Robbie Lane Edward Morris was born in the waning months of Ronald Reagan‘s presidency at which time he trickled-down from his father who is also named Robbie. He grew up in Austin, Texas. He went to college in North Carolina at UNCSA School of Drama. After all, he knew only the theater and garbage nutrition habits.

After graduation, he started his career as a writer for promos at Comedy Central and what was once known as Spike TV, The First Network For Men. It is truly remarkable that he had the job where he was also responsible for a yearly budget over $1M. I mean you read the thing about theater school right? Insane. Anyway, he did that for a year and then left to teach kids with learning disabilities in High Point, NC. It helped to karmically wipe out some of the dick-joke writing he had done in New York. 

After working hard to help someone get to a Bernie Sanders rally, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being a professional latin ballroom dancer. Unfortunately he had no experience and began PA’ing. Before long he worked his way into Field Producing professional latin ballroom dancers on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Crazy how things work out isn’t it? Anyway he still produces reality TV but he’s also a standup comedian. If you’re still reading this, you know he’s not funny. Why not take a minute, sit quietly, stare blankly and watch some of the videos on this website he overpaid for